Whether you’re buying new tires or just suffered a blow out on the highway, it’s important to know what your warranty covers. Each tire manufacturer offers different guarantees. Some may even cover the cost of the new tire, depending on the circumstances.

But, before you can get reimbursed, you’ll need to provide proof of regular tire rotations. Fortunately, our Ford service center near Newark has your back. We can explain the differences between tire warranties and help you choose the best tires for your Ford F-150. Plus, routine maintenance is simple with our online scheduling tool.

Tire Warranties

Tires come with up to three main guarantees. Not all manufacturers offer all three, so you’ll need to check their website or talk to our team about coverage. The workmanship and material warranty is pretty standard and covers the tires on your Ford F-150 for years. With a ride uniformity warranty, you’ll be protected from defects. And some manufacturers even offer a road hazard protection warranty.

Selecting the right tires is essential. That’s why you should start with tires most suitable for your needs. Then, use warranty coverage to narrow down your selection. Our Ford service center team helps you compare tires to find those that fit your budget, driving habits, and overall needs.

Tire Rotations

But, if the worst happens and your tire fails, then you’ll want proof of regular tire rotations. Our Ford service center suggests switching around your tires in a set pattern every 5,000 miles or so. The pattern depends on your type of tires if your Ford F-150 if two-wheel or four-wheel-drive, and a few other factors, like if you have a full spare that needs rotating as well.

Learn more about tire warranties and the tire rotations that keep you protected. Then, stop by Quality Auto Mall near Newark with your questions or for a tire inspection.