With thousands of hard-working folks employed by Ford or major Ford partners all across the United States, you may be eligible for the Ford X-Plan Partner Recognition Program. Our New Jersey Ford dealership near Jersey City always wants our customers to be well-informed and up-to-date on the many incentives that may be available to Ford vehicle buyers. Learn more about the Ford X-Plan then stop by Quality Auto Mall today.

What is Ford X-Plan vehicle pricing?

The X-Plan is a purchase program for new vehicles applicable to retirees, spouses, and other household members of employees of eligible Tier 1 suppliers of the Ford Motor Company or Lincoln Motor Company. This could mean suppliers, fleet partners, business partners, or other organizations that have a special relationship with Ford or Lincoln.

To participate in the Ford X-Plan program, you’ll need to provide proof of your eligibility:

  • Driver’s license for proof of residency
  • Recent pay stub, W-2, or company ID or healthcare card
  • Membership card with a 60-day minimum membership for membership-based partner companies

Which Ford products are eligible for X-Plan pricing?

A variety of Ford and Lincoln vehicles may qualify for X-Plan pricing advantages:

  • Current and prior model year Ford and Lincoln vehicles sold in the United States
  • Vehicles either in current inventory or ordered from production, pending dealer agreement
  • Dealer demonstrator vehicles (no mileage restriction), though no additional discount is permitted beyond the X-Plan

Vehicles that are NOT eligible for X-Plan benefits include:

  • Some commercial use or specialty vehicles, or “low stock” vehicles as specified by Ford and Lincoln
  • Used cars
  • Driver training vehicles

If you have any questions about either your eligibility or a specific Ford vehicle’s eligibility, ask our team at Quality Auto Mall near Jersey City. Contact us today to see how our New Jersey Ford dealership can help save you money!