We enjoy it when people stop by to purchase a Ford vehicle or get some work done on their current vehicle. Our team loves helping drivers secure financing, too. You may not realize it, but we enjoy answering your questions even if you don’t buy or lease an automobile from our Ford dealership.

If you have an automotive question, we hope you won’t hesitate to ask us. To give you an idea of the sorts of questions we answer all the time, here are some FAQs you may overhear when you visit our Ford dealership near Lyndhurst, NJ:

  • What is Ford MyKey™? Ford MyKey™ is a series of controls that parents can use when their teen is driving with or without them. It can also be used when you give your vehicle to a valet and want to limit the chances of your car being taken on a joyride.
  • Do you offer Ford deals on your website? Absolutely! Our Ford deals on our website are updated regularly, and they typically include a mix of financing specials and Ford lease deals.
  • Can I review your Ford dealership online? You certainly can, and we’d appreciate it if you did. Our Ford dealership is listed on reputable review websites, such as Facebook and Google.
  • What pre-owned Ford models are good buys for teen drivers? In general, bigger, heavier automobiles are smart picks for new drivers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety maintains a list of pre-owned vehicles that are smart picks for young drivers. As you’ll see, several Ford models are on the list.

Is there something you want to know that’s not discussed above? If so, contact Quality Auto Mall or stop by our Rutherford, NJ Ford dealership today.