If you live in Rutherford, NJ, you know how unpredictable our road conditions can be during the winter months. At Quality Auto Mall, we care deeply about our customers and the safety of everyone on the roadways, and proper winter tires play a big part in safe seasonal driving. Our Ford service center near Kearny offers these tips for drivers wondering which types of tires will tackle icy, snowy roads.

Choose the Right Tire Size

A common tire size measures 225/55/17, where 225 corresponds to the millimeter width of the tire tread that makes contact with the road, 55 corresponds to the tire sidewall as a percentage ratio, and 17 corresponds to the inner diameter of the tire in inches.

Studded Tires

Studded tires, or tires with small metal nubs distributed throughout the tread, provide excellent grip on slippery roads, but they’re not legal on all roadways and can be damaging to dry asphalt. Consider your upcoming driving plans for this holiday season and decide if studded tires are right for your car.

Don’t Mix and Match

Mismatched tires can impact your vehicle’s handling and braking, which can cause wear and tear on your suspension and brake components. Not to mention, it’s a huge safety hazard! Avoid the temptation to save money by only replacing one or two tires if yours have worn unevenly.

Our expert technicians at Quality Auto Mall can help you find tires that suit your Ford vehicle’s needs and your area’s driving conditions while remaining within your budget. Don’t wait until the roads are a mess to start thinking about your winter tire situation. Contact or stop by Quality Auto Mall today for a tire inspection or to purchase a new set for the season. Our Ford service center near Kearny helps you stay safe!