Heading off the beaten path can be a great way to experience the beauty of nature, but you should be sure that your car is prepared for it. When you visit Quality Auto Mall, our auto technicians can help you find a vehicle that is specifically designed for your inner outdoor enthusiast.

When you’re looking for the perfect outdoor vehicle, it’s important to find something that goes beyond the ordinary two-wheel drive, low-profile sedan. Cars that can take on gushing streams, rugged trails, and adverse weather conditions without breaking a sweat make the perfect off-road trekkers, and out of all the top characteristics to look for, drivetrain is one of the most important ones. Your drivetrain is the system of components that designates how power is distributed to your wheels. If you’re searching for an off-road all-purpose vehicle, we suggest purchasing a car with either all- or four-wheel drive. Both options supply power to all four wheels, providing you with greater control and traction on the road.

Another off-road feature to consider is your tires. While your standard set of tires can take on some light trails, you’ll want a more robust set that can take on rough trails and rugged terrain. For this, we suggest off-road tires with deep treads that are fully prepared to handle the worst terrain possible. We also suggest that you purchase a vehicle with plenty of cargo space for your gear and passengers.

When you visit our Rutherford, NJ car dealership, we’ll help you find the most rugged vehicle in our new vehicle inventory. We’re quite familiar with what’s required of an adventure-ready vehicle, and our dealers will help you find the car that can handle absolutely anything.