Last week, we highlighted several new models in the Ford pipeline, and more keep surfacing as the weeks go by. This week, our dealers have discovered a new electric version of the Ford F-150 that Ford truck fans have been buzzing about. Some drivers worry that electric or green cars aren’t as capable as sturdy, gasoline-powered trucks, but this new Ford prototype is proving us wrong with reports saying it can tow over 500 tons of weight! All of us here at Quality Auto Mall can’t stop talking about this new electric Ford truck, and we want to give you an inside-scoop of everything we know about this model.

At first glance, the new Ford prototype looks like an electric version of the Ford F-150. Nothing says “Built Ford Tough” like America’s best-selling pickup, so it makes sense that the Ford F-150 would serve as a base for this new green vehicle. An electric Ford F-150 could arrive any time in the next two years, since Ford is planning on bringing forty electrified vehicles to the market by 2022.

Green car skeptics doubt how well an electric truck can perform, but Ford’s setting out to prove them wrong with this new prototype. In one of its towing demonstrations, the electric Ford F-150 prototype towed ten double-decker rail cars as a testament to its strength. If that’s not impressive enough, forty conventional Ford F-150 models were added to the rail cars to make the load even heavier – 567 tons heavier, to be exact. In a jaw-dropping display of power, the electric Ford truck was able to tow everything, even the additional Ford F-150 trucks. Naturally, this demonstration model was specifically prepared for this task and a production model wouldn’t be quite so monstrous, but regardless, it certainly debunks any notion that electric trucks lack performance strength.

Whether you’re looking for performance or green tech, our Ford dealers in Hudson County are ready to help. Keep checking our blog for all the latest Ford news, and don’t forget to stop by our showroom to check out our inventory!