Here at Quality Auto Mall, we know how important tech is to many drivers. Many of our new Ford cars offer technology and features that make life easier and keep you safer on the road, but the Ford brand isn’t resting on its laurels. It’s always working on new tech for you, including one new feature that could make it easier than ever to find a parking spot.

Finding parking can be a pain, especially in a big city. Drivers spend hours every year driving around, looking for free spots. That’s why the Ford brand wants to make it easier to find parking. No more wasting time or gas with this new connected vehicle technology.

This tech, known as Parking Space Guidance, will give you real-time updates from car parks and other traffic infrastructure. This would give you an indication of where free spots are and help you waste less time on the road. As more cars get connected, the system would grow to become more advanced and more useful.

Parking Space Guidance would be great for a few reasons. We all love driving our Ford cars, but driving around looking for parking isn’t fun. Driving around also wastes gas, meaning that this new tech could actually save you money over time. Finally, this technology could even improve local air quality because there are fewer cars driving around unnecessarily. We look forward to seeing what other kinds of convenient features the Ford brand has in the works.

So when you’re looking for new cars that are always innovating with new tech, visit our New Jersey Ford dealers. We’ll help you find an amazing vehicle that offers all of the features that you’re looking for. We hope to see you soon for a test drive!